Thursday, April 23, 2015

Florida Vaca Day 5: Cocoa Beach

On Wednesday we decided to take a break from Disney and drive about an hour and half to Cocoa Beach. It seemed like it was going to be a long drive, but after being in the car 18 hours to get to Florida, the drive to the beach was a breeze. I am so glad we did because the kids loved it! We were not sure what it would be like since it was spring break... I really didn't want the kids to be introduced to their first keg stand or beer pong game quite yet, but we found a really great spot to set up camp.

The Varner family was originally going to come with us but Brandon and Kennedy ended up needing some medical issues, minor- don't worry, that needed to be taken care of this afternoon. They ended up visiting the Gulf coast on their way back to KC at the end of their trip instead.

We were only at the beach about 3 hours, and when it was time to go, the kids were so sad. Walter even started running away from us as fast as he could down the shoreline. When Josh started chasing after him, Walter started running into the ocean as fast as he could. He really did not want to leave.

Even Gus, who tends to be a bit of a complainer, had the time of his life.

Daddy and Hazel.

Looking for seashells. We found many, and when we got back to KC, I glued the shells onto frames for the kid's rooms.

Hauling wet sand and water for the sandcastle.

Walter loved that he could get covered in sand and I didn't get mad that he was getting messy!

Wally thought it was funny to bury my foot.

And this was the best we could do :) The kids didn't have much patience for building the sand castle. Notice the feather. Seagulls kept swooping down so close to us.

The water was a little wavey, but the kids loved jumping over and under the waves. It was actually really nice. And the water was pretty warm too.

A nice man fishing on the beach a few yards from us fished out a Frisbee and walked it over to the kids. His wife was kind enough to take our family picture for us just before we left.

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