Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baseball, Macaroni and Yogurt

Gus had a blast at the Royals game on Friday night! Lemonade, cotton candy, peanuts, popcorn- the kid had no excuses to not have fun. The fireworks after the game were definitely on the top of his list too.

At first the seats scared him a little (the tickets were free, so we can't complain about the nosebleeds) but he did get used to the view after a few innings.

Gus FINALLY enjoyed Tball on Thursday! It took 5 nights over the last 3 weeks, but he did great and we were so proud of him. Ran the bases how he was supposed to, took turns hitting the ball, fielded at several positions, and even gave the other team high fives after the game.

Hazel more enjoyed the snacks than the game itself.

Standing on first.


Warming up before the game with Coach Daddy.

Okay, so he did roll on the ground a little. But come on, that's to be expected, he is just 3!

Crafts this week! Making bracelets.

Backyard pool. Hazel still won't go in the water.

Too cute!

Macaroni art this week. We also finger painted, but I was too occupied with keeping paint where it was supposed to be than taking pictures during that craft.

Hazel attempted coloring.

Hazel at one of Gus' recent Tball practices, cheering on big brother. She picked out her accessories (no kidding!).

I was folding laundry upstairs one day this past week and I came downstairs to find that Gus had somehow opened two yogurts from the fridge. Both kids were eating them with their hands. Surprisingly, Gus wasn't too messy, but I can't say the same for Hazel.

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