Tuesday, June 21, 2011

St. Louis and other things...

Gus broke his glasses this morning on purpose for the 2nd time this month. He says he doesn't want to wear them. Maybe the script is wrong, maybe they are too small (he has worn the same pair for over a year and his head has grown a lot since then), or maybe he is just going to be in big trouble next week after his appointment. I guess we will see...

Monkeying around at the gift shop at the St. Louis Zoo this past weekend.

Again, this picture, as well as the first two, are completely out of order because I stole them from my phone, but here is a picture of Andi running to second at her game on Sunday afternoon.

Cabella's is our local zoo :) Gus loves the big fish tank!

Gus was too afraid to look away from the bear because he thought it would get him, therefore, I couldn't get one of him looking at the camera.

Gus was a natural on the 4 wheeler.

Hazel enjoying a coach pitch game in St. Louis this past weekend.

We went to Kacy's game on Saturday morning.

At the St. Louis zoo.

Andi, Gus and Kacy.

We have been very busy this past week. So much has happened! We went to St. Louis to visit Tricia and the girls. Josh turned 30 and we had Father's Day (both on the same day!). Our house sold, our inspection went great, and we are in shock that this all happened so quickly! Now it all depends on the appraisal. Fingers crossed the house appraises for the selling price. I am a little scared because we got asking price, but gave the buyer more for closing costs. I am kind of wishing we would have been able to lower the price and give her less in closing instead, so the selling price was lower. Yikes. Not sure when the appraisal will be, but I'll keep you posted.

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You have such cute kids. See you soon. xoxo Kate