Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bitty Baseball

94 degrees was pretty warm for Miss Hazel.

Gus is the little one third from the left.

Short game interuption as Hazel ran across the field.

Goooooo team!

Hazel has been adorable lately! She is getting so darn old.

Gus was pretty cute at Bitty Baseball last night. He was nearly the youngest, most of the other kids were 4 years old, so his attention span didn't make it the entire hour. The first half he did awesome though- we were so proud of him. He goes 2 times a week for 3 weeks (4 practices and 2 games). It is fun to see Josh coach too, he does a great job with the kids. I don't not know how he has the patience.

We are officially listed as For Sale. Day one, no takers. I hope we have a few showings this weekend, that would be really nice. Even just having a few people interested in seeing it would be comforting.

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