Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Papa's New Boat!

I didn't get many pictures of the Dillavou side this time, but here is one of Kacy and Hazel.

Um... probably not the best of toys for Hazel, but doesn't she look cute in that tutu?!?!

Finley Hyde and Hazel (just one day apart)

Kennedy and Gus helped Arielle celebrate her 4th birthday.

Gus in his "boat hat"

Picnic time on the deck

Gus loved driving the boat (and touching every button he could get his little hands on).

Parker is my buddy lately! He fell asleep on my lap and napped the entire boat ride.

Gma Sue and her little lady Hazey

Walking down to the dock. What a gorgeous view my parents have...

Hazel was so cute walking down to the dock. She wanted to do it all by herself, as she clung onto her little sippy cup.

Two girlies!

Parker (2 yrs), Gus (3 yrs), Kennedy (5 yrs- but her 6th birthday is today- June 1st) and Hazel (about 14 months).

Two Troublemakers (yes the capital T was on purpose!)

Hazel was so cute in her little life jacket (Aunt Lindsey informed us too late that we had it on her backwards- oh well, it looked cute!). She looked so old in it.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Iowa. It really makes us miss home when we enjoy ourselves so much. A highlight of the weekend was papa Randy and gma Sue's pontoon. It is really nice and so much fun to spend time on. We are looking forward to the 4th of July when we will be able to spend more time out on the lake.

Josh was able to golf in the Ventura Alumni Annual Golf Tournament and his team won, so he was very happy. We were able to see many friends- Kate, Mike and Arielle, as well as Jack, Jen and Finley. We saw all of our brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews (missed Brandon though). Papa M told stories around a campfire while we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on Sunday night (Gus is still talking about "mean Crunch Crunchy" as he retells the tales before bed each night). During our gathering with the Dillavou side we spent lots of time at the park with all the cousins, and Gus and Hazel love the special attention they get from being the youngest of the crew.

I did want to congratulate a few friends who recently had babies- congrats to Andy and Tracey Campbell on the birth of their daughter, Audrey, and to Scott and Amanda Eichmeier on the birth of their son, Boston. Both healthy babies.

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