Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toy Story Pool

I love my new bikini mommy!

My new favorite picture of Hazel.

This girl downs freezies like Gus downs fruit snacks.

Hazel was a little afraid of the water.

On the other hand, Gus was a fish.

Hazel was more interested in sitting on my lap than sitting in the pool.

The new Toy Story pool (Gus outgrew the little turtle one he and Hazel had last year). The goal is to squirt the little aliens. He had a blast!

Gus thought it was so funny to squirt me with the little guns that came with the pool. I have to admit he got me pretty soaked!

We filled the pool before lunch and nap so that the water would warm up a little out in the sun before we played in it in the afternoon. Gus was so excited he ate lunch outside. In his underwear.

Last week, breaking out the freezies. The big huge hummingbird/bee hybrid bugs scared us into finishing them in the kitchen.

We have had a lot of fun this week! The kids are changing every day and I love being able to enjoy so much time with them this summer. Luckily, next week when my summer class starts, I am still off work at 9:15 each day, so I will get the whole rest of the day to spend with them.

We met with another realtor this week, and decided on one. She will be coming over on Sunday night to take pictures, complete paperwork, and hopefully get everything ready so that our house will hit the market on Tuesday. I am so nervous it is going to take a long time to sell and we'll never be able to get out of it. Say a few prayers for us! The good thing is that we are not in a hurry, but both realtors we spoke with said that the first month really is a vital time to sell. After that the offers get lower and lower, and the showings get fewer and fewer. Only time will tell I guess. We have worked really hard to get it looking it's best for potential buyers. Fingers crossed that helps...

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

LOVE the picture of Hazel chuggin down her popsicle!! Made me laugh :) And where did we find the Toy Story swimming pool??!?!?!? I think we NEED one!!! Looks like tons of fun. Good luck on the house - fingers crossed and prayers said!