Monday, June 6, 2011

On the Market!

Gus's new favorite lunch is 'Dino Peanut Butter Sandwiches.'

It's inevitable that he licks the butter knife.

The finished product.

They both love playing with the little ball blowing toy we gave Hazel for her first birthday.

Helping daddy install the new dishwashwer. Gus took his role as assistant very seriously and insisted on using his own tools from his own toolbox too.

The house will officially go active on the market on Tuesday night at midnight. The realtor put a sign in our lawn this evening, hung the key box on the door, and is going to take some last minute pictures tomorrow. But, no turning back now. The market is awful. We have tried to make our home look as nice as we can. Our townhouse will be the 9th in our 3 block area to be actively listed, and many of those are short-sales and foreclosures so we really can't compete with their prices. We are already going to have to accept less than what we paid for it. But, it could take a long time, so we need to be proactive now. It sounds depressing, but we are excited and nervous for change; trying very hard to be positive.

Good news? Gus starts Bitty Baseball tomorrow night! Two nights a week for 3 weeks! This is his first sport and Josh is the team coach. We are hoping he does okay- taking turns and sharing daddy are not things that Gus knows much about... I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Love the picture of Gus with his safetly goggles on!! He really WAS serious :) Hopefully you have good luck getting your house sold!!!!!!