Friday, August 2, 2013

18 Months Old

Yesterday morning Wally went downstairs a few minutes before me, but it was just enough time for him to climb onto the island and start to eat Hazels breakfast.

This little cutie is 18 months old as of the 26th of August. He went to the dr for his well baby check up on Tuesday. His weight was 26# 3 oz, or the 75th%. His height was 32 inches, the 50th%, and his head circumference was the 90th%. Everything is on track with his motor and language skills. At his 15 month check three months ago his dr noticed that Walters left eardrum looked slightly retracted but it didn't seem to bother him. This can happen sometimes for various reasons and usually fixes itself. Our plan was to just wait and see how it looked at his 18 month check. 

Well... since then I have had to bring him in to the doctor twice since then, thinking he had ear infections because he was pulling on his ear so much that it started swelling and cracking the skin behind it. Poor guy! One night his left ear was so swollen that he looked like a wrestler with cauliflower ear. Well last time I brought him in for this new ear pain his dr finally referred him to an ENT specialist. And to add to his suffering both of his eardrums are now very retracted. He goes in on Monday afternoon to the ENT so I will keep you all updated. Worst case scenario is minor surgery to open up some parts of his ear, and possible tubes. It's weird that he would get tubes when he has only had one ear infection his whole life, but we need to address this. If its not fixed soon, it could start to impact his speech and/or hearing. I have procrastinated taking Walters pacifier away because his sucking on it might be relieving some pressure like when you chew gum. From what the doctor says, retracted eardrums feel like the pain and discomfort your ears feel when you are in an airplane and need to pop them. He'll be fine though. Just a small bump in the road for an otherwise perfect little boy.

Other than his ears, which make him a little cranky when they bother him, he is a pretty darn healthy and happy baby boy. He climbs on everything, runs everywhere, and loves dancing, bouncing and jumping. He copies sounds and words from our talking and songs on the radio. He can say ball, up, hot, mama, dadda, hi, Guh (Gus), Ehz (hazel), and he gives high fives, knuckles, and shoots his guns (fingers) and says "sheesheesheesh" like he is shooting little imaginary bullets at you. As odd is sounds, it is very cute. He eats with a spoon, fork, plates and bowls. He prefers sippy cups and straws but he can drink out of an open top cup if needed (if mommy doesn't mind a little spilling).

He sleeps great, naps awesome. Laughs all the time and is so silly. He cuddles, tickles you, and gives kisses upon request. He loves playing with his siblings and keeps up pretty good with them. He can throw a ball, builds with blocks, draws on paper with crayons, likes play dough, and bath time is his favorite time of the day. 

Basically he is perfect. He will have his 18 month pics on Saturday afternoon.

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