Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family Time in Iowa

The beach at PM Park with Gma Sue and Papa Randy. 

My mom had a terrible experience trying out the bus system from Mason City to Kansas City. It started with a bomb threat on her bus which led to her being rerouted to a different bus stop than the one she was supposed to get picked up at (of course we could not communicate with her for nearly an hour after she was supposed to be picked up though because her belongings were searched, cell phone confiscated, and she was shuffled to a psuedo interrogation room). If that wasn't enough, her bus experience ended with her never being picked up after I dropped her off at the convenient store/bus stop,leaving her stranded in Missouri about an hour from where I live, with the next bus in 24 hours, no hotels, no shuttles, nothing to get to her safety (the company representative she spoke with on the phone even implied that she wait on the very bench she was sitting for the next 24 hours or so until another bus comes through that might have room for her). Needless to say, the kids and I jumped back in the car, loaded with a very fast packing attempt, picked her up and drove her back home where we enjoyed an impromptu three days in Iowa over my last few days of summer break.

Walter loved the beach and the waves of the lake. It was so amazing to watch him discover sand and water on his tiny toes. His joy was contagious.

Standing on a pirate ship! Ahoy mate!

If all else fails, douse it in ketchup.

Ice cream cones with Gma Sue.

The older two were able to go out on the pontoon with Papa Pat, aunt Tami, me and cousins. L to R: Shae, Josilin, Brea, Hazel, Ty & Gus. Even though H and G  did fall off the tube, they still had an awesome time. 

The youngest three went out together. It was so adorable how Ty was teaching Hazel and Gus the hand signals of tubing, telling them not to be scared, and just calming them down overall. Such a little man!

Ultimate joy!

Shae, Hazel and Brea. Once out there, we literally could not get Hazel off the tube! Well, until she fell off anyway :)

Playing back at grandma Paulette's house. So many fun toys!

Hazel and Gus each got to spend one night alone with the Dillavou grandparents. Paulette sent me this picture the evening of Hazels alone night. Hazel actually fell asleep on her chicken nuggets and applesauce at supper! Boating, cousins, eating out, playing with Gma- too much for my little lady. 

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