Friday, August 2, 2013

Week Two of End of Summer Fun

As with the week before, I tried to keep the kids very entertained this week. Not only the zoo and a Royals game we have played around the house. Here is Hazel and Gus  hunting for "flowers" AKA weeds for me, which we put in vases around the house for several days.

One of our crafts this week: old cans, magnets, hot glue, a few buttons and other little nic nacs made this a pretty awesome craft.

Hazels last night of gymnastics. She did so great these last two months. We are going to have her try soccer and swim lessons this fall and then maybe gymnastics again in the winter.

Wondering why they can't go out and play with Gus. Now that he is five, we let Gus go outside with his friends in the cul de sac alone but the other two are too young, which Hazel is having a hard time wrapping her little mind around.

Dancing on my table. These little stinkers. Actually it is usually Wally who climbs up on the island but the older ones jumped in one day this past week too. I turned on music and let them dance around. Pretty fun for them, since it is usually not allowed.

Somebody is excited for kindergarten to start on the 15th! His school bag came in the mail a few days ago. Also in September we enrolled the older kids start Sunday school. Gus will start karate and swimming lessons hopefully this fall too.

Play dough never gets old.

We took the kids to a drive in theater last Saturday night. Double feature with Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2. The kids LOVED it! It was so much fun to watch them watch the movie. Gus was the only one to make it through the entire kid movie. He is such a little man!

Sugar Rush!

Bunny ears on daddy.

Big screen in the background.

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