Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doctors and Dentists

Walter had an appointment with an ENT specialist last week. He has retracted ear drums, which basically feel like his ears need to pop (like on an airplane) but never do. Not sure how or why this has happened but he might need tubes next month. We are trying steroids for a few weeks to see if that will strengthen his Eustachian Tubes, but if not surgery it is. I'll keep you all posted. 

Loving some alone playtime while mommy filled out the paperwork at the office. I was in the middle of trying to fill out what seemed like a mountain of tedious, repetitive paperwork when I heard two people yell "ma'am!". I looked up from my stupor realizing the administrative assistants had been trying to get my attention so that I could retrieve Wally. He was standing and dancing on the table above. They were frantically worried that he might fall- while I, quite used to this type of climbing, considered taking a picture, but did not... I do still have to appear like I haven't given in to the third-child-syndrome of no longer worrying about those things that with my first child would have had me in a full speed dash, diving on the table, seemingly saving my son from the 18 inch potential pummel to the carpeted floor beneath him.

And in other medical news... Miss Hazel had her very first dentist appointment! No cavities yet, but she has a 'watch area' and needs to lay off the apple juice.

Gus also had a dentist check. After they were done with their appointment they were very very happy children... Helium filled balloons, ice cream, stickers, toys, Dora and Cars toothbrushes, bright, colorful children's floss and birthday cake flavored toothpaste... Is this the dentists or Christmas?

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