Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kindergarten & Fences

Meet and Greet last Tuesday night at Brougham Elementary.

Josh has been working on power washing and staining the fence slowly this summer. With all the rain we have gotten lately there hasn't been many days with two days prior to, followed by a forecasted two days after where he could stain in the middle. This summer has been so wet that rarely do the four or five dry days we need to paint. It has been great on the lawn and the water bill though!

Daddy made Gus the breakfast of his choice last Thursday, on Gus's first day of kindergarten. Menu: chocolate milk, peanut butter toast, peanut butter cereal, bacon and sausage. Gus only had a few bites because as he told me, "butterflies we're dancing in his tummy."

Daddy and Gus.

Me and my baby boy!!!! A big kindergartner now! 

I think Gus is going to be just fine in school. On Friday, Gus's second day of kindergarten, I received a frantic call from his teacher Mrs. Barnett. 

Mrs. B.: "Can Gus have frosting on his cookie? Gus told me that he is allergic to frosting- but I can't find anything on his paperwork?! Oh my gosh, was he not supposed to eat it?!?!"

Me: "Oh no... Gus is not allergic to anything, he was just being silly. I'm so sorry he said that to you!"

Gus, Gus, Gus... He does tell me that he is allergic to the sun (because it makes him sneeze when he looks at it), vegetables and sometimes he swears he is allergic to Hazel. A call from the teacher on his second day in school... This could be interesting :)

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