Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doctor Today

Update: We just got back from the doctor for Gus's one year appointment. He weighed 22.2 lbs (yes he has lost weight!), was 30 in. in length and his head was 18 1/4 in. He is in the 50 percentile of babies for all three categories- Just Perfect! He had three shots, got the okay to go off of formula and on to whole milk, and can swith the CHILDRENS Tylenol- NOT infants!!!!! He is such a big boy now! The doc thought it was interesting that his top tooth in coming in before the bottom, but not concerned. All in all, we have a happy, healthy, normal baby boy. I thank God every day for that. What a blessing he has been over this past year!

Now if only daddy would stop bothering mommy about having another!!!! Geeze, give me a little break! It is funny though now that Gus is one, people say to you, "So when will you have more?" Ugh!

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

YAY Gus :) I can't even imagine the day when we can buy a gallon of whole milk instead of a $25 can of formula!!! Happy Day for you guys!! :)