Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Monkey

Here are some pictures of my little monkey crawling over just a few of the many things in the house he likes to try to climb over.

Today Gus got his 1st year pictures. He was so cute, it was hard to pick out which ones I wanted! We went a little overboard for his 6 month pictures, and had lots left over, so we only have two poses for this round. I actually went to two different places and had 7.99 coupons for both (Penney's and Target), but of course I did spend an extra ten for an additional sheet of another pose (that is how they get you!) and ended up spending about 27 bucks total for both sessions, and am very happy with the photos. We got 4 8x10s, 6 5x7s, 8 3.5x5s, and 32 wallets, so I think we got a great deal. Hopefully they will all be ready before we head back to Iowa for his party.

Today Gus and I put the computer downstairs and hung up a few more wall hangings. I baked his cake last night and hope to start decorating it tonight. I am hoping to make something that looks like a frog. This is my practice cake for his party over memorial day, when hopefully I will have enough practice to make a decent looking one. I guess we will see. If all else fails, there is always sheet cake from Walmart!


Chet and Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Gus! We're having Katelins party this weekend. Hope Gus has a great birthday and a great party!

The Thomsons said...

What a peanut! I love his attempt to climb the gate! Happy Birthday Gus -

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

He IS like a little monkey. Love picture #1 - I think his caption should be "what do you mean I can't climb on this box??" he he