Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Officially One!

Nama and Papa D sent some balloons tied to a frog for Gus, which was so thoughtful. Here is Gus clapping when he first saw them. As the evening wore down though, Gus was timid, scared and eventually all out frightened to death of them. It was hilarious, but he really was scared. I guess I can't bring them back to Iowa for his party as I don't think he would like to have them a few feet from him, locked in a small tight space for a 5 hour drive.

I made him a little cupcake with just a bit of frosting on it so as to avoid a huge mess, but...

Not messy enough so we had to give him a cupcake with more frosting. Muuuuch better!

I like this one because you can see his cute little snaggle tooth.

Buster and Gus's occasional sitter/former student of mine/friend and neighbor (Shannan) and another friend/neighbor, Jeremy, got Gus a fun present to get him ready for baseball this summer! It was so nice of them to stop over last night and think of Gus on his special day. I didn't get a picture of hit, but Gus crawled right over to Jeremy and sat on his lap- he loves Jeremy. But I can't forget Shannan. When he sees her outside he always puts his arms toward her and wants her to hold him; and she helped teach him one of his first words: dog. Well, it actually sounds more like "dawwwww?" whenever he sees one of the dogs who live on the block.

Gus playing with his cool t-ball set from them!

Happy Birthday Little Man. I hope you had a fun time. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and can't believe you are one year old already.

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Stephanie Dingel said...

Awesome cake! Can you believe our boys are 1 already? Time sure flies! Gus is such a cutie!