Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun on the Farm

Gus not really into feeding the goats.

Andi and Kacy totally into feeding the goats.

Andi pumping water.

I'm thirsty... wonder how far I can reach my hand in here before I touch water??

Gus sitting at his desk.

Gus sitting in the sun on the floor of the single room school house, one of the few places he could really crawl around.

Kacy teaching Gus where we live.

Gus holding a calf.

Gus's favorite animal was the cow. He was kind of afraid to reach out to touch the other animals, but the cow he liked.

Kacy sitting on a tractor wheel.

Gus patiently waiting while his cousins rode the horses.

Standing all by himself!

Plowing the... um... field?

Kacy and Andi (and Trish and Steve too of course!) came to Kansas City for the weekend to see us, go to a baby shower and visit with their old friends here in town. On Saturday morning Trish and I took the kids to Deana Rose Farm in Kansas City and they loved it! Gus didn't really understand much of what was going on, but he loved seeing the outdoors, animals and all the other little kids there. Kacy and Andi enjoyed all of it! It was a great activity because it is free and totally kid and family friendly. I would suggest anyone with children visit it when they are in Kansas City. The only people I would suggest not visit it are maybe people that live on a farm, because everything reminded there me of growing up in rural Iowa and spending time on the farms of childhood friends!

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

hahahahahahaha - it totally looks like Gus is holding a baby cow!!!! that made me giggle :)