Friday, May 15, 2009

Sick Again

Gus is sick. Last night he had a pretty consistent fever of 102-3, even with medicine. It was a long night for mommy and daddy; we even tried to have him sleep with us for a few hours. He is not wanting to eat or drink and has had diarrhea. I called the Dr. this morning, and of course they are saying it is not a reaction to his immunization shots yesterday, they told me he probably picked up a virus while he was there, and that I should just keep giving him Tylenol around the clock and offering him fluids. I don't know what to think, from researching online, it sounds like it could be a reaction. We are keeping a very close eye on him. His temp is still about 101, even with medicine, which I hate. He just doesn't seem like himself, very whiney and shakey. We will keep you posted.


Hayes Family said...

Traci.....I'm so sorry Gus doesn't feel good. I wanted you to know that when Brody was praying last night....he said "I wanna pray for baby Gus tonight!" It was adorable...keep us posted.

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Poor little guy!! I hope he feels better soon. If it is the shots, maybe it'll be a short fever and be gone soon :)