Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun Weekend at Home

On Friday night some friends, Pat and Arica, invited us to go the Tbones game with them and their son Brody, who is three years old. It was Gus's first Tbones game and he did a really good job of behaving. The Tbones are an independent baseball league whose ballpark is just a few miles from our house. It was been a few years since we have gone, since Gus was so tiny last summer. We definitely need to take advantage of their games more, since we live so close.

Here is Brody on the swings in the playground area behind the baseball field.

And Gus too.

Gus was a little afraid to play on the toys, there were so many kids, many too old for the equipment, running around everywhere. Here he is saying, "Mommy why are there so many kids here?!?!"

Saturday morning we decided to pull out Gus's new baby pool. He was very scared so we will have to keep practicing using it this week. It is supposed to be very warm outside.

Saturday night after church we took Gus to Jazz for the first time. He loved it! He would bop to the music and bounce his little head to the live Cajun music. He was adorable, as usual.

Silly seasoning!

He got some beads too. And no, he did not have to flash anyone for them :) Gus chews on everything, as you can see with the beads. His bottom front tooth has started to come in, as well as his other top front one. I feel so bad for the little dude, teething must hurt.

Tonight we have Josh's flag football games. It is the first one of the end of the season tournament so if they win they will have two games tonight. If they win them both, then they have more games next weekend. We may not be in town for them though as Abby Ringus gets married next Saturday and we will be back in Clear Lake for that.
I start summer session tomorrow. I am teaching three 8-week courses, two of Public Speaking and one section of Personal communications. It will be nice to get back to work. I have enjoyed the last two weeks off but have kept very busy catching up with everything I was behind on, spring cleaning, parenting Gus most days (my favorite part of the break!) and then of course Gus's birthday last week. I do have three weeks off again at the end of the summer before the fall semester starts so that will be nice as well.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

I find it adorable that he is scared of his baby pool. That is just too cute!!! :)