Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And.... he's off!

Riding on daddy's back.

My little ballet dancer (but the Willie Nelson onsie 'mans' him up, right?) It's kinda funny though, lately Gus has been mistaken for a girl a couple of times. Josh was kinda sad about it, and a little defensive, but I reminded him that we do dress Gus a little like Josh dresses, and Josh is a... not metro... but... 'nice' dresser, right?... Sorry Josh, I apologize in advance for blogging this :)

Climbing on the couch.

Gus can now climb in and out of his toy box by himself too.

Oooohhhh walking. Where did my little baby go?

All these pics and this video are from last night. Gus was a wild man last night and in such a good mood, so brave too. He is changing and growing everyday. We do need to work on talking a little more and also object permanence like when mommy leaves the room for a minute, but otherwise socially and physically Gus is developing really well! I looked into Parents as Teachers today, and although nothing is offered in our school district, they are looking around to see if anyone would be willing to come to our house to help out with some of these things.


The Thomsons said...

Man he's so fast on those two little feet! I can't believe how fast he has grown. I think I found your blog last year around this time and he was just a baby. Looks like life is treating your family good.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Good Job Gus Man!!!!! Walking all by yourself :) Woo hoo!!!