Monday, June 22, 2009

Gus is back!

On Friday night we went out to eat and stayed in a hotel in West Des Moines to celebrate Josh's 28th birthday. We had a few drinks with Lisa and Jared. Here is pic of us at the bar.

Sweet shades! This pic was at my cousin Jason's wedding reception in Ames on Saturday night.

Too cool.

Kennedy and her Nick :)

Me and Parker, my new little snuggle bug.

Kennedy with her 'tattoos.'

Us. Finally, a newer picture for our blog header. Josh is really sick of the Royals inspired Statue of Liberty picture I have been using the last few months. It is just so hard to get a decent one of us three. We'll see if I can upload it correctly...

Grandma McCollom and her grandsons present at the wedding.

Grandma McCollom and all the grandchildren present at the wedding.

Papa Randy and his grandsons. We took my parents out to eat on Sunday in Ames for Father's Day/their 30th Anniversary next week. A great time to take advantage of a photo opp.

Papa, Nama and their grandchildren.

Grandma and her favorite granddaughter.

Kennedy was such a pout face!

Uncle Josh and Parker, now 3 months old.

The original McCollom Klan and our new additions, minus the husbands :)

On a side note, it is so nice to have my Gussie back home in KC! I missed him so much last week, but he did an amazing job of being a good little boy with both sets of grandparents. Thank you so much to Paulette, Pat, Sue and Randy for taking care of our little man for us last week. We appreciate you all more than you can imagine.

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