Monday, June 15, 2009

His First Ride

On Friday morning, Gus and I met my friend Amy and her two kids Kaylyn and Caleb (he is only 6 weeks old, so he opted out from the picture). It was my first time meeting Caleb, and I forgot how small they are at first! Holding him made me miss my newest little nephew Parker (who I can't wait to see this coming weekend!). We went to a local mall, one I had never been to before called the Great Plains Mall in Olathe, KS. It was pretty old, but there were lots of family friendly little stores, like Monkey Bizness, where the above picture was taken, and an arcade, below. A great, cheap place to take kids. Gus will really enjoy it when he is a little older.

On his first ride ever! Although he was a little timid most of the time, he is clapping in this one.

Gus had some organic pizza with me (darn low carb diet!) but he surprisingly loved it. We had a little pizza party while daddy was at the Royals game on Friday night.

Josh took some hilarious pictures of Gus this weekend! Here are just a few of his many faces... Our little supermodel.

In the summer on the weekends there is live music at Legends Shopping Center near our house so we have been walking around there on Saturday evenings. It was warm so Gus got to enjoy the water fountains.

Last night Gus was a little tornado. Although his eyes are closed in this one, I love his two front teeth sticking out! By the way, the only teeth he fully has right now :) His bottoms are just barely peeking out, but haven't done much in the last several weeks.
We have lovingly started calling him "The Beeve."


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Hahahahaha - love the supermodel poses in the highchair :)

ToTalkToReba said...

The one of him looking at the water fountain (where you can see his back and he's reaching) is absolutely awesome!!! Great photo!!

The Thomsons said...

What a ham! He looks like he has such a great personality. I love the coy look from the highchair.

Erin Smith said...

Cute picts. Looks like you guys are having a great summer.

cayen said...

What a ham! That pic in the ride is sooo cute! He looks so much like you!!