Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sliding Alone

Gus likes to do everything daddy does. You can see even at the end of this clip he copies Dad. He is so funny. This weekend he started saying more words, like 'hot' 'out' and 'car' and he put two words together twice, "Dada No!" and "Hi Dada." And when he plays with his toy car on the floor he makes a "vrooom" sound now. It took him awhile to be interested in talking, but these last few weeks he has really started saying more words than make sense to us. His walking is getting better and better too. He definitely walks more than he crawls.


Amanda and Scott said...

Looks like fun- we need one of those!
Got your message on our blog- we are going to be back in Clear Lake over over the 4th so we will all have to hang out. I am looking forward to the festivities!

The Thomsons said...

Maybe we will run into you over the 4th. We will be in CL too.