Monday, June 8, 2009

FINALLY meeting Preston and the Wedding

Preston loved bouncing in a toy car at my parents house before the wedding.

Preston enjoying his distance from Gus, who terrorized him much of their time together :)

Preston's face looks a bit worried in this picture. Just leave me alone Gus!

Tearing apart mommy's purse at the wedding. One way we kept him busy.

Tom, Jack, Josh and Scott in the hotel room before the reception. They enjoyed themselves quite a bit on Saturday night.

We FINALLY got to meet Preston! We have not been able to coordinate schedules until this weekend, but Josh, Gus and I all finally got to meet little (or shall I say not so little!) Preston. He is oh so absolutely adorable! He weighs more than a pound more than Gus, and is several months younger, but that did not stop Gus from picking on him. For some reason Gus wanted to pinch Preston's nose, poor little guy. Preston was pretty apprehensive around Gus from that point on. I only wish we could have seen Amanda too, hopefully soon!

We went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon, with Gus, and a reception in the evening, without Gus. Gus was not so great at the wedding. He talked, screamed, wouldn't hold still, took his khaki pants completely off, tore everything out of my purse several times, and ate a whole bag of yogurt melts (which in hindsight was maybe not the best idea, as they do contain some natural sugars!). Luckily.... he went to Zach and Tami's house after the actual wedding so that mommy and daddy could have some fun with friends at the reception and stay at the hotel. Thanks so much Dillavou's for watching him, we appreciate it! It was good practice for when Gus goes to Iowa next week for four whole nights by himself- I am going to go crazy without my little man, but it will be good for him. Daddy and I have a lot of fun things planned to keep us busy and our minds occupied.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

YAY for a night out!! I have to say that I was smiling as I read all the things he did at the wedding, but it was "taking off his khaki pants" that made me laugh out loud!!! That's awesome. Glad you guys had fun :)

Josh, Traci and Gus Dillavou said...

Yes it was sooo funny! We were in a little corner of the church toward the back so we had Gus sitting on the floor playing and I looked down to pick him up after like 1 minute or so of not really paying attention, and he was pantless, sitting in his diaper. He cracks me up. We had to stand for a few minutes during the ceremony with him in his polo shirt, sandals and a diaper. Very classy.

Amanda and Scott said...

I am bummed that I missed Gus and Preston's first play date :( But I am so glad you took pictures for me! Very cute. And Gus is a riot! I need to see him soon-hopefully sometime this summer.....right?!

ToTalkToReba said...

Oh, thanks for this post Traci. I needed it. I need someone to be honest and tell me how hard it is to have a one year old, and taking off his pants just reminded me that I am not alone!! I took Oli to a funeral on Tuesday; it was a disaster. It was a military funeral and there were gun shots... he screamed so loud! It was awful! Miss you!