Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pool and Golf

Friday morning, before it got too hot, Gus and I played outside in his baby pool and on his slide. He still isn't sure about sitting in the pool, but doesn't mind splashing along the side of it.

Very thirsty!

Posing like the Super Model that he is.

So big!

Hot and sweaty, just before we went inside for lunch.

Daddy teaching Gus how to golf on Saturday night. This was the first time we had really tried with him, and although he has no idea how to do it, he is interested in playing with the balls, clubs and pin. In fact, we had to bring them inside and leave them out because he keeps wanting to bring them to every room with him.

Gus putting the ball on the tee for daddy.

Playing baseball with the golf club and ball. Daddy would throw it and Gus would hit it- no he is not a super baby, Josh just has good aim :)

This week the weather should be more tolerable, mostly in the upper 80s. What a relief! This week will hopefully go by quickly as we are heading back to Iowa Thursday for the 4th of July holiday. We love Clear Lake in the summer, especially on the Fourth, and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Such a little poser on those stairs. Ha Ha Ha!!! We'll be in Clear Lake sometime on Friday. I definately think some drinks are needed at some point!!!