Thursday, June 18, 2009

I miss my Gussie!

Well, it has been more than 36 hours without my little man, the longest I've gone ever, and I miss him tremendously. I have looked at his pictures and videos on the blog about a hundred times, so I now appreciate my blog as many of you do, who don't get to see your little buddy Gus very often. Even just typing up the post makes me feel a huge lump in my throat and heavily weighs on my heart :(

But... I have gotten some updates and he is doing well. Sleeping fine, eating like a foal (still a little too young for the horse metaphor but you get the point), crawling and walking everywhere, tearing apart Nama Paulette's cupboards, etc. His normal self. He did see our family picture hanging on the wall at the Dillavou home last night and got a little upset, but overall he seems to be adjusting fine. Tonight he goes to my parents house for a night, then with my parents to my grandparents house Friday night, and then I get him back Saturday morning.

Josh and I are trying to keep busy. I shopped yesterday afternoon without Gus, which was actually kind of nice- I could stay very focused, take my time, and actually did not feel rushed at all. We went to a Royals game last night, this afternoon I am going to work on some landscaping in our front yard, we are going to a movie tonight, staying in a hotel tomorrow night for Josh's Bday (thanks Pat and Paulette!), a wedding and another hotel stay Saturday night, so we do have a lot going on to occupy our minds. The strangest thing for me with Gus not being here is that I can pick up the house, and it STAYS picked up- something I do miss very much from our previous life (you know, the one without kids). That though, is the only nice thing I can think of about my little baby boy being away for several days.

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