Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Four Day Weekend of Fun

Since we stayed in KC over the 4th, Josh and I were both able to have a 4 day weekend home with the kids with no work (other than a little grading for me of course). We tried to keep the kids busy. We told them it was their weekend so they got to pick what we did. So, we visited the neighborhood pool.

We went to our favorite self serve yogurt spot. The kids love choosing their own toppings.

We went to the McDonald's play land down the street.

We went to the KC Zoo and saw the polar bears, among other things.

And we worked on power washing and painting the garage floor. Obviously not the kids' pick, and honestly, probably not ours, but it really needed done. And boy does it look better!

And lastly, Gus wished for Buster to come back (to life I am assuming?). He walked up to me with a whited dandelion in his hand, told me he was going to make a wish, closed his eyes and mouthed his wish for a few seconds, and then blew with all his might. Afterward he told me his wished for Buster to come back from being with God. A little too Pet Semetary for me... I think it's time for a fish.

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