Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth Fun

On July 3 we had a little Christmas in July, or it seemed. Hail, but not enough to do any claimable damage (darn the paint on the house could use a new coat!).

On the 4th we stayed in KC for the first time; we usually travel back to Clear Lake for the holiday weekend. Since we had just got back from Vegas a few days earlier, traveling again just did not seem like fun. Although we missed seeing family and friends, we had a nice time. Rarely do we all get such a large chunk of time where we are off from work together. Here is a picture of Walter when the kids participated in a neighborhood parade on the morning of the 4th.

Gus and Garret, a neighbor boy a few houses down in our cul-de-sac who is one grade older than Gus.

Ms. Liberty

Hazel and Kourtney, a girl a few months younger than Hazel that also lives just a few houses down from us. Hazel calls her her best friend.

All the kids that participated.

Me and my baby man.

The neighborhood all grilled and hung out together later in the day, and the kids all played. Here is Hazel wearing her 'skaters' as she called them, AKA standing on little piles of chalk that she made. Guess she wants some roller skates, huh?

Love this picture. Daddy and Hazel having a little heart to heart.

The Varner family stayed in KC for the holiday as well, so they came over for a little outside fun.

Almost like brothers and sisters... :)

We had a little 'parade' where the adults walked around the back yard and threw candy at the kids. Cheesy, very cheesy, but they loved it.

After the Varner crew went home we hung out with the neighbors and went to watch fireworks a few miles away.

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